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Welcome to the SD Associates Contract Request for Northern Vermont School and Clinic-Based Services. If you’re interested in FUV services, please email:

Please fill out all fields in the form below. If you have questions, you can leave them in the last box titled ‘Additional notes’. After submitting, a director will be in touch within one business day to answer any questions and confirm the fulfillment of your request.

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    New contract for the 21-22 school yearContract change for the 21-22 school year

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    Three spaces per day are provided in the event you need services in 3 different locations in a single day. Please input the total number of hours per day per location.






    For clients that are served in either an SD location or solely remotely we can provide Special Education Services. This is not available for students who are served in a hybrid model in their sending school and remotely. We also can not supplement Speech and Language Services or Special Education services being received by a school provider at this time.

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    School or parent will be providing transportationWe are requesting transportation from Sd services

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