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I did not direct my life. I did not plan it. I never made decisions.Things always came up and made them for me.That’s what life is. B.F. Skinner I am the ordinary son of an ordinary man. Which is pretty self-evident, I know. But, as I started to unearth that fact, it became clear to […]

The Tail Wags the Dog…

(Leadership Comes from All Directions) James MacGregor Burns (1978) began a conversation about ‘transformative’ versus ‘transactional’ leadership forty-three years ago that retains considerable traction. He defined what leadership ‘does’ as follows: In this, Burns took the discussion of leadership beyond the ‘traits’ of a leader to arguably the heart of the matter… contingencies in context […]

Remembering Caleb

Sharing his name with the blessing of family Caleb, a partner-in-learning of ours for many years, passed away unexpectedly yesterday. There’s a big hole in our hearts today. Many of the humans who teach us important things come to that role without assignment or title. Caleb was one of those people. We got to know […]


Everything is always up for grabs…Ram Dass Interdependence is and ought to be as much the ideal of man as self-sufficiency. Man is a social being.Mohandas K. Gandhi There is a tendency for living things to join up, establish linkages, live inside each other, return to earlier arrangements, get alongwherever possible. This is the way […]